TomTom India Pvt. Ltd. and Nisargaraj Mitra Jiwanche came together to host the remarkable event, “Sustainable Lifestyle Poster Competition 2023”. This unique collaboration aimed to raise awareness about sustainable living practices among the younger generations.

A total of 80 students from our school took part in this engaging competition. The theme “Sustainable Lifestyle” inspired students to reflect on and express their ideas regarding environmental consciousness, responsible consumption, and ways to promote a greener future. Students poured their creativity onto paper, showcasing their artistic prowess and thoughtful perspectives.

Out of the impressive pool of entries, six exceptional posters stood out for their creativity, originality, and impactful messaging. The following students were awarded the coveted ‘Best Poster’ trophies.

  1. Parthavi Ghadge    – VII C
  2. Tanvi Patil               – VII D
  3. Parth Barhate         – VII C
  4. Anushka Gawali     – VII B
  5. Swarda Kulkarni     – IX
  6. Vedant Nanaware  – IX

The award ceremony took place during the school assembly, where the entire school community gathered to celebrate the achievements of the budding artists. The event was graced by the presence of our esteemed Principal Swamini Pavanamritha Prana. Her words of encouragement and wisdom resonated with the students, emphasizing the importance of their efforts in shaping a sustainable future.