The Silambam Association Pune, a prominent organization dedicated to promoting the traditional Indian martial art form of Silambam, recently organized an exhilarating district level Silambam competition. The event aimed to showcase the prowess and skills of young athletes proficient in this ancient art.

The event showcased the remarkable talent and dedication of participants, and one shining star who outshone all others was Durva Thakar from our school, who participated in the under 14 years category. Durva’s exceptional display of skills, agility and precision made her stand out among the competitors. Her hard work and determination paid off as she secured the coveted 1st place in the under 14 category.

The victory of Durva Thakar was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school assembly. Our proud Principal Swamini Pavanamritha Prana personally congratulated Durva for her remarkable achievement. In a touching gesture, Madam presented Durva with a gold medal, symbolizing not only her victory in the competition, but also the school’s values of discipline, dedication and excellence.