Ramayana Month – A Month of Spiritual Enlightenment

Ramayana Month, a significant period of spiritual observance, commenced on 17th July 2023 with great enthusiasm and reverence at our esteemed institution. The month-long celebration aims to immerse ourselves in the timeless wisdom of the epic Ramayana, and cultivatedevotion, righteousness, and compassion in our hearts. The celebration commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by our Principal Swamini Pavanamritha Prana. The lighting of the lamp symbolizes the dispelling of darkness and the invocation of divine blessings upon the event.

After the lamp lighting ceremony, an eloquent introduction to the significance of Ramayana Month was delivered by a distinguished scholar. The students were reminded of the profound impact the epic has on Indian culture. The ambience was further enhanced by a mesmerizing performance of a melodious song describing Rama’s divine character.

On the first day of the Ramayana Month celebration, information was dedicated to exploring the life and contributions of the revered sage ‘Adikavi Valmiki’, the author of the epic Ramayana.

As we continue our journey through Ramayana month, we are confident that each passing day will bring us closer to the divine principles and teaching embodied in this sacred epic, as we read information about different characters of the Ramayana every day. May the celebration of Ramayana Month inspire us all to embrace the virtues exemplified by Lord Rama, and contribute to the betterment of our lives and society.