The MTS Olympiad State Level Examination held in February 2023 was a remarkable event that showcased the talent and intelligence of young students from classes I to VII. This annual examination serves as a platform to recognize and reward students for their academic excellence and problem-solving skills.

Out of the many brilliant students who participated in the MTS Olympiad, 3 students stood out by achieving outstanding results and securing medals. Tejaswa Chaudhari a young prodigy from Std-I received the prestigious Silver Medal, highlighting his exceptional knowledge and dedication to learning. Sankalp Janghare, another promising talent was awarded the Bronze Medal for his exceptional performance in the competition.

Mridini Palav, a remarkable student from Std-VII showcased her exceptional abilities in the MTS Olympiad. She not only received the Silver Medal at the Centre Level, but also secured the Bronze Medal at the District Level, exhibiting her consistent brilliance across different levels of the competition.

Apart from the medal winners, the MTS Olympiad State Level Examination also recognized the exceptional skills and talents of 16 students who were gifted with special proficiency at the Centre Level. Their names are as follows:

1. Patil Shreesha1. AnaghaTalele
2. WategaonkarShourya2. Ishan Yeradkar
Std IV3. Vedika Jadhav
1. Wasankar Aarav4. Mukta Mulay
2. Dhadge Sanskar5. Pranjal Chaudhari
3. Varadraj YadavStd-VII
4. Arnav Gadsing1. Ritesh Biradar
5. SaaviAmritkar
6. Shlok Hiremath
7. Alisha Maulavi
8. Pranjal Raut  

The medals and certificates were handed over by our Principal Swamini Pavanamritha Prana. We congratulate all the participants for their commendable efforts and wish them continued success in their future endeavors.