The football pitch was buzzing with excitement as the FC Bayern Maharashtra Cup Football competition kicked off on 21st and 22nd February 2023. The competition was open to under 14 boys only, and our school was one of the 14 teams participating in the tournament.

The matches were intense and competitive, but our school team displayed exceptional skill and teamwork, beating all the teams and emerging victorious. The team’s impressive performance earned them a place in the Zonal level of the tournament, which was held on February 24th 2023.

The FC Bayern Maharashtra Cup Football tournament is not just any competition, but a chance for the players to be trained and educated in Germany. The 20 best players from the state level will be selected and sent to Germany for trials, an opportunity of a lifetime for these young footballers.

Our Principal Swamini Pavanamritha Prana congratulated the team on their victory and handed over the trophy in the school assembly. The members of our Football team are: –

Std –VII

1. Animesh Shetty                                            5. Sushad Kumdale 

2. Ram Dhamale                                               6. Sai Phalke                                    

3. Romir Ghosh                                                 7. Pranav Wadkar                                      

4. Mubashir Khan                                              8. Rohit Jadhav


1. Aditya Wasankar                                               7. Akshat Yadav

2. Arnav Jadhav                                                      8. Sagar Malagi

3. Sushant Tejam                                                   9. Prathamesh Sapkal

4. Suryan Yelmar                                                     10. Piyush Dhavale

5. Pushkar Kulkarni                                               11. Siddharth Bayes

6. Raj Pawar                                                           12. Kshitij Pawar

The FC Bayern Maharashtra Cup Football tournament has not only given these young footballers a platform to showcase their skills, but also an opportunity to learn and grow in a global setting. It is a moment of pride for our school to have one of their teams selected for the zonal level, and they are excited to see what the future holds for these talented young players.