Hard work, commitment and dedication are the basic components that make a student successful.

Olympiad exams help to create competitive awareness among students at the school, national and global levels. These exams aim to improve problem solving ability and analytical thinking skills of students. As a student prepares and competes in such competitive exams, they build a positive academic foundation.

Keeping this in mind, our young Amrita Vidyalayam students participated in SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad 2022-23 successfully bagging Gold Medals of excellence at the class level. They were awarded a medal as well as a certificate for their achievement by Principal Swamini Pavanamritha Prana in the school assembly. The following students are the Class Level Toppers with Gold Medals of Excellence.

Std. II
1. Patil Aarav Sarierao
2. Kulkarni Sharanya Amit
3. Jadhav Ishaan Ajit
Std. IV
1. Preksha Raju Korvekar
2. Arnav Vishal Thombare
3. Anagha Dipak Talele
Std. V
Alop Prasanna Patil
Std. VI
1. Mridini Manesh Palav
2. Aditya Pravin Patil
3. Vedant Sanjay Kumar Kantewar
Std. VII
Tejas Sandip Patil
Std. IX
Darshil Prasad Bhagwat

Heartiest congratulations to the winners and best of luck for the future!